Yemen's Sanaa airport attacked by  Saudi-led coalition.

According to the coalition, the airport was informed to evacuate before the strikes

On Monday, the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen said it carried out air attacks on "military objectives" at Yemen's Sanaa international airport, from where drone strikes on Saudi targets have been launched.

Yemen's capital is occupied by the Iran-aligned Houthi movement, which has fought the coalition for 7 years.

During the war, which has claimed tens of thousands and affected millions, Houthi forces have launched drones and missiles into Saudi Arabia, prompting the Saudi-led coalition to respond with air attacks within Yemen.

The alliance claimed the strikes on Tuesday targeted six locations, including those used for launching drone attacks, training drone troops, housing trainers and trainees, and storing drones.

According to a statement released by Saudi official media, it stated it had asked people to evacuate the airport before to the strike.

Since 2015, the airport has been restricted to commercial aircraft, while United Nations jets are authorized to land there.

According to a representative for the United Nations World Food Programme, a U.N. team was on the ground at the airport to assess the extent of any damage.

Houthi-run The airport has been closed, according to Saba media, citing the director of the Houthi administration's aviation authority.

In 2015, the coalition engaged in Yemen after the Houthis overthrew the internationally recognized government in Sanaa.

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