Petition to withdraw Tony Blair's knighthood is just numbers away from 1 Million sign

 A petition calling for Tony Blair's knighthood to be revoked is expected to exceed one million signatures today.

The petition, which was published at the start of the year, argues that the former Labour Prime Minister caused "irreparable harm" to the United Kingdom's constitution and "the very fabric of the nation's society."

Sir Tony has been appointed a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the highest level of knighthood bestowed to all but one of his predecessors throughout the Queen's reign.

Unlike the New Year's Honours list, which is created by the government and approved by the Queen, the Order of the Garter is conferred as a personal gift by the queen herself.

The Awards Forfeiture Committee, which may revoke honours for people implicated in scandals, cannot suggest that knighthoods bestowed in this manner be revoked.

The petition to withdraw Sir Tony's honor currently has over 993,000 signatures, and it is expected to reach the one million mark later today.

It comes as victims of IRA atrocities slammed Mr Blair's knighthood for his secret arrangement to provide around 200 accused terrorists "get out of prison free" papers.

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