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Hypersonic missles used for the first time in Russia- Ukraine war
Tens of thousands of Russians have been imprisoned for protesting against Putin's assault on Ukraine.
Ukrainian refugees number escalates, soon to reach millions
Thousands of Czechs demonstrate against COVID19 restrictions
Burkina Faso: Military overthrows president Roch Marc Christian Kaboré
Julian Assange wins his appeal against extradition to the United States
Tsunami hits Tonga after a major underwater volcano eruption
Prince Andrew's military and royal titles withdrawn as a result of a sexual assault investigation
 Breaking: In a medical first, US surgeons  successfully transplant a pig heart into a human body
Robert Durst, HBO's 'The Jinx' subject has died, aged 78
21 dead after heavy snow trapped vehicles in Pakistan
Petition to withdraw Tony Blair's knighthood is just numbers away from 1 Million sign
Tony Blair's knighthood ignites outrage on social media
Germany to shut down three more nuclear power stations
Liverpool bomber reported dead as a result of the explosion
Hong Kong police shuts down another news outlet and arrest staff
Amazon apologizes for Alexa's deadly challenge
France: Mosque closed due to Imam's 'extreme speeches'
Windsor Castle: investigations over a potential Queen 'assassination'
South Africa's anti- apartheid icon Desmond Tutu, dies at 90