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Myanmar: Women and children killed in an army attack
The United States will ease its travel restriction on eight southern African countries.
Yemen's Sanaa airport attacked by  Saudi-led coalition.
Dutch PM Rutte: Netherlands will go into lockdown from Sunday
court has allowed the Biden employer vaccination mandate to go into implementation.
US:  Schools closed amid viral TikTok threats
North Korea bans all celebrations to mourn late president's death
Tornadoes and strong winds wreak havoc on the central United States.
Covid cases in the United Kingdom has reached an all-time high, with 78,610 new infections.
Hong Kong's World Trade Centre fire traps hundreds of people on the roof and injures 13.
Australia's borders are finally open to international travelers
A bomb explodes at a Russian school, injuring 12 people.
Tornadoes sweep over areas of the United States, at least 70 people are thought dead in Kentucky.
First Starbucks Union In The U.S: A historic  day for labor
North Korea : Viral outbreak since the pandemic.
High Court in UK overturns the judgement, allowing Assange to be extradited.
Canada Issues Law Banning Conversion Therapy
U.K. Prime Minister Apologizes For His Leaked Video
Chile: The 31st Country To Recognize Same- Sex Marriage
 Foreseen Catastrophic Floods  Set Off State Of Emergency In Hawaii